Does Your Workplace Make You Sick?

Do you feel great when you’re at your residence, but sickish when you get to the job? Your office furnishings, the air, the environment, or even your co-workers could be the primary cause. The next time you’re not feeling well, ponder whether one of these conditions at your place of work could possibly be the root cause of your ailment.

The Individual Space.
Operating in an open area like a cubicle is not contributive to productiveness, neither is it favorable to good health and well-being. The excessive stimulation can make it tough to concentrate, and results in anxiety and headaches. Open office spaces also make you more vulnerable to airborne sickness like the flu and colds than your co-workers with private offices.

What’s in the Air You Breathe.
Workers in workplaces spend their day inhaling in gases. Businesses also generally have laser printers, facsimile machines, and copy machines that release ozone into the air.

Some chipboard office furniture and carpets contain a chemical, formaldehyde, which releases fumes that can sting your eyes, esophagus, and sinuses. When you’re breathing all this in, you’re also taking in the fumes from cleaners, and other chemicals. If your office building is energy efficient, you simply cannot unseal a picture window to let any fresh air in, or any stale air out.

Your Position in the Office.
Remaining in a chair and eyeing a desktop computer monitor all day is not good. Staying in one position all day long can easily bring about all types of medical concerns, including spinal compression, diabetes, varicose veins, and cardiovascular system issues. Moreover, if you’re working with a laptop all the time, it can bring about headaches and vision problems, together with repetitive strain disorder.

How Comfortable is Your Zone.
Your office space might be your home away from home, but it’s chocked full of all sorts of bacteria. Workdesks, chairs, mice and keyboards end up being contaminated with germs and bacteria. If you’re sharing your office space with some other individual, it comes to be a birthplace for health issues and infections. Don’t forget to use disinfectant towels and tons of hand sanitizer to diminish your chances of getting contaminated.