Save the planet whilst you save cash for your business.

Pre-owned or gently used office furniture is affordable and it is eco-friendly.

In Los Angeles County and numerous other places in the United States used business and office furniture and equipment are in abundant supply. The inopportune downturn in the present economy has triggered one of the largest surpluses in quality used office furniture and products. This condition makes it an exceptional time for you to buy first-class remanufactured office furniture at extremely budget friendly prices.

The large supply of pre-owned business furniture and office equipment in So. Cal and other cities around the nation means wholesalers and retailers of pre-owned or used office services and products have to sell at low, low prices to move their supply.

Two more factors are creating a buyer’s market in reclaimed business furniture and equipment. Those factors are online or virtual stores and the rising tide of imports.

First off, the prices of used furniture are influenced by internet retailers and wholesalers. In the past a wholesaler or retailer had to have 30,000 to 80,000 square feet for showroom and warehouse space in addition to sales and warehouse employees which equaled significant overhead costs. Today, with the advancement of the internet and just-in-time (JIT) merchandise technologies practically anyone with a little effort and curiosity can open a web store over the internet. With an internet store, a zealous businessman can get along with 2,000 to 10,000 square feet max reducing his output significantly and giving him/her an advantage over the older business model and competition.

Next, the attack of imported business related furniture and supplies is also adding downhill pressures on prices for secondhand office furniture and equipment.

Buying used or pre-owned business and office furniture is theoretically recycling and therefore counts as green. By buying preowned business equipment or goods, you serve to help your city save substantial amounts of landfill space. Moreover you help decelerate the need to consume the country’s natural resources. Finally, an additional way to purchase green for your company and office is to search for companies that refurbish or remanufacture old cubicles using recycled components. Most textiles as well as some work surfaces used in Today’s cubicles or systems stations are made from recycled plastics.

Purchasing green, used and pre-owned office furniture is a win-win suggestion for your business and community.